Last Week

Going into week 13, the Tennessee Titans squared off against their division rivals the Jacksonville Jaguars. These two teams hate each other and I definitely am not a fan of them.  They last time the two teams faced each other, the Titans destroyed them 30-3 on Monday Night Football. Based on that fact I thought the Titans had a shot since back up quarterback Kerry Collins was back. However, I was wrong once again.

Let’s just say the Titans lost 6-17. It was terrible. The Jags ran it down their throats and the defense couldn’t stop anything. On the flip side, the Titans offense was terrible. How can a team only score 6 points in a game?

To make the matters worse, Kerry Collins had three turnovers and didn’t move the ball. He missed many open targets. The receivers had a few drops, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. The Titans at the moment SUCK!

How can you let a 5-2 start slip to a 5-7 record? Easy answer, the coaches are not doing their job, the players aren’t doing anything to help, and the ownership is not putting the foot on the pedal. This team needs lots of change and in my opinion it has to start with the coach.

When I was watching the game, an amazing stat flashed up. Vince Young as a starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans has a record of 30-17. Since 2008, anyone that has started besides Vince is 1-14! Yes 1-14! They need to get their shit straight get rid of Coach and let Vince comeback next year to prove all the doubters wrong. That can happen, Vince has seen many highs and many lows. If anyone knows how to comeback with a bang, it’s Vince.

The Titans have four remaining games and it would be nice to see a glimpse of hope for next year, but I think they will be lucky to even win one more game. It’s embarrassing and the team needs to do something to give fans hope. It was nice talking crap to other football fans after the 5-2 start, but now I can’t say a word!

Got to give props to the Chicago Bears, but got I hate the Bears! Every time the team is doing well everyone in this area goes nuts. They think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I have no room to talk. The only thing I got left to cheer for is for management to fire Fish’s ass and to hope that the Bears get kicked in the teeth!

Go Titans! And as a Cubs fan I guess I can say there is always next year! But that’s getting old!

Everything comes back to feeling like a Cubs fan!

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