Week 12 …. No Vince

Finnigan and Johnson fighting!

So for week seven, the Tennessee Titans headed to their old home, Houston, to take on the struggling Houston Texans team. Going into it, I knew that this would be one terrible week and I didn’t know how I was going to sit through the game knowing how bad things would be.

Of course, rookie sixth round pick, Rusty Smith, started the game. That sentence right there pretty much explains how bad things were.

Rusty just started tossing up the rock and it seemed like he didn’t even look when he was throwing. His passes were so far off from his targets, and he almost completed more passes to the opposing team. It’s been almost two years since a Titans quarterback threw three interceptions, until Rusty stamped his name into the slot for the most recent time.

The Titans offense stalled all day and their all-pro running back Chris Johnson had only SEVEN carries! This is one of the best players in the NFL, how can a team possible win a game when he only gets the ball seven times? I have a feeling Coach Jeff Fisher is just trying to find his way out of time, because that’s just dumb.

The Titans defense once again stepped up like it always has to because of the offensive struggles. However, in the end, the Titans lost 20-0.

I was looking at the stats and I was so surprised. Somehow Rusty Smith got to throw the ball 31 times! How does he get to throw over 30 times and CJ only get seven carries? That makes a hell of a lot of sense to me, NOT!

The only exciting thing I got out of the game (I had to turn that off right after half time, otherwise they might make me hang myself) was the fight between the feisty cornerback Cortland Finnigan and Houston receiver Andre Johnson. Basically, these two guys have a history of bad blood and with the Titans getting pushed around, Cortland got a little fired up. The two guys pulled each others helmets off and started sluggin’! That’s the only entertainment from the game.

So the Titans extended their losing streak to four games and were at a 5-6 position. The Titans are not out of it by any stretch, but realistically, they aren’t going to win sh*t with what they have going on. It’s disappointing to see a team one game out of the playoff hunt show up and put a big goose egg on the scoreboard. However, it happened and it probably will happen again after seeing how they played against the Texans.

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