Music City Madness!

Coach Jeff Fisher acting like the toolbag he is.

So as the previous post points out that Vince Young got screwed, it certainly seems that way. After the Titans disappointing loss to the Washington Redskins in overtime, things started to heat up between Coach Jeff Fisher, and quarterback Vince Young.

Apparently after Vince went out with the thumb injury, he tried everything he could to prove to the coach that he was good to go and he was desperate to get back into the game and help out his teammates. However, the coach never put him in, and instead left rookie quarterback Rusty Smith hung out to dry. Smith was so terrible and it seemed like if the Titans were going to win, they needed to get Rusty out of the game.

 The story goes that after the game Vince Young threw his shoulder pads in the stands along with his jersey. This didn’t help but piss Coach Fisher off even more. Minutes later at a press conference Fish (Coach Fisher) said that Vince has lost his starting job. I was so pissed. How the hell does he think they can win with a third string quarterback?

That’s just a start. Supposedly after the game the team met in the locker room and Fish talked to the team. When this happened him and Vince had a heated exchange and players had to separate the two. Vince then walked out the door and coach said, “You can’t walk out on your team like that.” Vince responded, “I’m not walking out on them, I’m walking out on you.”

This makes perfect since because the past four years, coach Fish has shown Vince no love, and showed that he has no confidence in his quarterback that has saved his a** his job 3 times!

Some players ran out trying to “cool” Vince down but Vince couldn’t take it anymore and left the stadium.

So Coach Jeff Fisher blew his chance with Vince and put him on injured reserve meaning he was done for the year. As a fan, I said sh*t seasons is over, and hopefully that means Fish will be gone too. Then the owner Bud Adams, who is a huge fan of Vince, said that the two would have to work things out and get along.

This means that Vince will be back next year! As far as Fish, I can care less what they do with that prick, he’s blew his chance and he f*cked up the season. I would love to see Vince work with another coach who cares and supports him. The numbers don’t lie, Vince is the fourth most winning quarterback (out of active players) in which games he started.  You simply cannot sit the man, he brings the only thing that counts, W’s. I do not see any way in which Rusty Smith can succeed.

To make things worse Vince later shot Fish a text apologizing but Fish said that’s not good enough for him, who cares. Cannot wait to watch Rusty Smith suck it up so Fish looks like a scumbag, and hopefully loses his job!

Go Titans! Too bad a 5-2 start went down the drain.

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