The Randy Moss Saga Begins, Vince’s Ends?

Rusty Smith looking like a 12 year old ready to throw an interception against the ‘Skins.

So a 5-3 mark is a great way to start off the season and nice to go into the bye week tied for first place in the division. Usually, bye weeks are pretty boring and the players get a week off then the team resumes practice. However, as a Titan’s fan this was one hell of a bye week. The Minnesota Vikings put, future Hall Of Fame wide receiver, Randy Moss on waivers. This means that starting with the worst record team in the NFL, teams can put in a claim to get Moss, but would have to hope that he would drop to their pick.

Going into that week, the Titans had the 22nd position and put in a claim for Moss. Somehow he slipped all the way down and the Titans got Randy Moss! I was excited! The Titans had Kenny Britt and Moss on their receiving group, which could arguably be one of the best in the NFL. Somehow, things didn’t work out so smooth.

Week 9 came and the Titans were off to face the Miami Dolphins. Let’s just say nothing went good. Of course Kerry Collins had to start the game because Vince Young was “hurt,” I say bull sh*t. Kerry played horrible in the

first half and went out when an injury so that mean the “hurt” Vince had to come in. Vince came and looked fresh, he was scrambling all over and making great throws. However, the Titans lost to the Miami Dolphins, 29-17.

Randy Moss didn’t do much to help the effort, only catching one ball and had no scores. However, since he is such a high caliber player, the defense has to double team him and that opens up lanes for running back Chris Johnson to run all over the defense. CJ did exactly that having over 100 rushing yards on less than 20 carries and had a touchdown. I don’t get why Coach Fisher gives him the ball more, I actually don’t understand many things Fish does, but he’s the coach, I’m not.

So the Titans were now 5-4 and headed home to face off with the 4-5 Washington Redskins that just got destroyed by Michael Vick and the Eagles the previous week, giving up a whopping 59 points. There’s no way in hell the Titans would lose. However, things got as bad as they have gotten in 5 years.

The Titans ended up losing 19-16 in overtime, but that was the least of their worries. Quarterback Vince Young once again got banged up and benched when he hurt his thumb in the third quarter. The worst part is that their backup Kerry Collins was hurt so the Titans had to go to rookie third string qb Rusty Smith! How the hell do you think it’s possible to win a game with Rusty Smith. He came in and played like garbage, throwing deep every time and he turned the ball over on his second throw. The worst part was that Vince looked like he was ready to get back in the game, but Fish didn’t let him.

Things got so bad……. The next post will be an update on the drama in the Music City. Go Titans! Rusty Smith and Coach Fish can get the hell out of town!

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