Week Three and Four

Week three was one hell of a week for the Tennessee Titans. The Titans went into the New Meadowlands Stadium to face the 1-1 New York Giants. As a fan I felt like they needed to win this came, the Titans just came off one of their biggest a$$ kickin’s in the past few years and it’s very important to start off hot and carry the momentum over.

Apparently they did not get the memo and scored a lousy three points in the first quarter. On a good note the “G-Men” also didn’t do much and put up a fat goose egg in the first quarter. I was sitting there and I swearwatching paint dry was on the same level of entertainment this game was providing.

Then CJ rushed it in the end zone  to take a ten nothing lead. However, that did not last long. The defense forgot to tackle and the Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw was tearing up defends on his way to a score and at half time the game was all squared up. It was ten to ten.

The second half was a blast. The Titans head coach Jeff Fisher had to have said something to get the team to make them come out hot. The Titans forced three turnovers and the Giants were making all sorts of mistakes on the field. The Titans ended up pulling off the win 29-10. Now they were sitting at 2-1 and had all sorts of things working.

Week Four the Tennessee Titans had their hands full with the former Bears quarterback Kyle Orton. I just had confidence knowing that Orton was in the Music city and I guarantee he just wanted to get out of the game and go enjoy a few cold ones on the side line and go see what the city of Nashville had to offer tourists

Kyle Orton back in his college days

I said this because I recently realized how much of a laid back guy Orton is and how much he enjoys getting F*c*ed up. I checked out pictures on the internet and saw dozens of pictures of Orton just obliterated and almost to the point of blacking out and he seemed to always have the chicks and a bottle of Jack in one hand. However these were from the college days so of course he was a hot shot because he was the quarterback. I was just hoping he had a big night in the Music City to help make the Titan’s day at work just that much easier.

On other terms, Orton just tore up the secondary. Kyle Orton ended up having almost 400 passing yards and the Broncos improved to 2-2 after a close 26-20 defeat of the Titans. Nothing went right for the Titans, the offense was pretty much shut down and there were countless mistakes all over the field.  There was not much to say but the Titans had to put that a$$ beatin’ on the back of their minds and focus on a tough Dallas Cowgirls coming up in a week.

A 2-2 start is not bad, compared to starting 0-6 last year, but it would be nice to start the year on a good note so the Titan’s could just coast and not have the last few weeks of the season as the most important.

We’ll see next week in big D. Go Titans!

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