First Two Weeks

Well the season has kicked off with a bang! There is not much to say about week one for the Titans. Tennessee kicked Oakland’s a$$ plain and simple, 38-13. It’s a great way to start the season and its way better than waiting until week 8 to get their first victory (like last year).

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young watches from the sideline after being replaced by Kerry Collins.

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young watches from the sideline after being replaced by Kerry Collins.

Vince looked smooth as hell throwing for two touchdowns and no interceptions, and CJ ran for over one hundred yards and picked up two scores to help seal a victory. I mean, it’s Oakland, but you got to beat the easy teams and the Titans didn’t just beat them, they took them to the woodshed for a good old fashioned butt kickin’. The Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell looked like a deer in the headlights getting hit numerous times and getting sacked four times. There’s not much we learned about the Titan’s but for one thing, their defense looked very sharp, so let’s hope they keep it up because there are so many new faces on that defense.

Week two on the other hand was just the exact opposite. The Pittsburg Steelers came into LP field and made the Titan’s day a living hell. Right off the bat the Titans gave up a kick return for a touchdown to Antonio Brown, so I knew this was not going to be good. Next play the rookie kick returner turned the ball over and everything was terrible after that. The Titan’s lost 19-11. It might have looked like a close game by the score, but it was never close to begin with.

The Titan’s had five turnovers through the first two and a half quarters and Vince Young was just getting knocked around by the Steelers defense. You cannot win when you turn the ball over like that! That’s when the Titan’s head coach Jeff Fisher made a change that would make some people really angry. He decided to bench quarterback Vince Young in the third quarter when the Titans were only down 16-3! I mean Vince has saved Fisher’s job twice in the past three years!  It’s only a two possession game at that point so why in the hell would you take out the quarterback with the fifth highest winning percentage in the NFL?

Then of course Kerry Collins comes in and stinks up the joint. First possession he turned the ball over and never even handed the ball off to Chris Johnson. What makes you think you can win a game without giving the ball to the best guy on the field and having a quarterback in who is so old he was almost alive to witness the civil war? It is not going to happen and it did not. The only good thing that came out is that the defense shined again and only gave up twelve points off five lousy turnovers. The only thing to do is try to forget about the loss, watch some film and just show up next week in New York and just kick the living sh*t out of the New York Giants to help forget about the week two loss. Give the ball to CJ and keep Vince in it’s the winning formula! Go Titans! 

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