Should Tennessee Lock Up Locker?

This is going to be a huge year for the former 1st round pick of the Titans, quarterback Jake Locker. Jake has had a very rocky start to his career mainly for the fact that he has been slowed down by injury after injury. Tennessee has till mid-May to decide to pick up the 5th year option from his rookie deal and pay him nearly $13 million. This decision is an easy one, but let’s take a look at how Jake has been doing.

Locker walking to the tunnel after another freak injury.

Locker walking to the tunnel after another freak injury.

Locker has had an up and down career to this point, but he is only coming into his 4th year in the league. Young quarterbacks NEED time to develop. People always forget this because of the Luck’s and RG3’s but that is not fair to everyone else. Locker was off to a sizzling start last year leading the Titans to a 3-1 record and had his best performance against the Chargers where the Titans won on a last minute TD from Locker to wide receiver Justin Hunter. However, in week 5 the season came to a halt when Locker injured his hip and looked like his season was going to be over, but he only missed 2 games. Shortly after he came back he had another freak injury that required surgery and for him be out the rest of the year.

Surprisingly Jake has had a better start to his career than former Titans MVP quarterback Steve McNair. They are freakishly similar in the fact that they both have cannon arms, can run, get banged up, and had dismal starts to their careers. Jake has seen an increase in quarterback rating and completion percentage in his first three seasons, which is a promising sign for the young leader. You cannot underestimate Locker’s leadership, loyalty and passion for the game. If his body can hold up he can be the face of the franchise.

The Titans should not pick up the last year option for Locker and just let this year play out. If they do not pick it up, he becomes a free agent, but they can always try to sign him again. Jake is not a guy who is going to run from the team if they offer him a deal. Like I said, this is all pending on a healthy year, but he is so loyal that I believe he thinks he owes it to the team and their fans to come back. Jake is a stand up guy and since the Titan’s have not given up on him after countless injuries, he should come back at a discount in 2015 if he has a solid year.

I might sound like I am talking out of my a**, but here is the reasons why (if healthy) Locker will be very successful in this league. Locker has one of the most talented young receiving corps in the game in Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter. As a second year player, Kendall Wright pulled in 94 passes and had over 1,000 yards. That is not bad for a tiny guy and a guy who has played with many quarterbacks. Justin Hunter is a huge target and became the first NFL player to record his first two career catches as touchdowns. He has raw potential and has a huge upside. These two guys are very young and can be a dangerous combo.

The Titans have been beefing up their offensive line and that should keep Locker on his feet more. He is a very athletic quarterback and loves to run the ball. He needs to rely on his lineman more and not take so many big hits. Jake should be fine if he keep progressing like he has, and now he has a quarterback guru on his side in Ken Whisenhunt. Whisenhunt loves the potential Jake has and thinks he can become a great quarterback in this league.

Overall, this is a huge year for the franchise with a new coaching staff and with Locker in his last year of his rookie deal. This is a make or break year for the young quarterback, and many people including myself are cheering for Locker to catch a break and have a full season behind center.


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Sorry CJ2K

Earlier in this offseason, the Titans make a huge decision to release all-pro running back Chris Johnson. Now don’t get me wrong, I love CJ to death, but a running back in the NFL is not worth $8 million dollars a year, unless you’re Mr. AP.

Thanks for six great years CJ

Thanks for six great years CJ

Johnson has been the face of the Titans organization since they drafted him in the first round in 2008. His production speaks for itself, 7,965 career rushing yards, 4.6 ypc average, and 58 total touchdowns in just only 6 full seasons. Also, no one can forget his historic season in 2009 when he rushed for over 2,000 yards. He still holds the NFL record for most scrimmage yards, which he eclipsed in 2009.

CJ has been slowing down and his yards per carry have been slipping. People can talk all they want, but it’s hard to remain as productive as he has been when he is the only weapon on the field. He has faced stacked boxes throughout his career, but he has always eclipsed 1,000 yards in each of his six seasons. He also is very durable and has only missed one game in his entire career. Both of those facts are outstanding. Oh yeah! Don’t forget CJ is still by far the fastest player in the NFL.

So why in the hell would the Titans let him go? Simple, money. He was due to make $8 million this year when running backs are a dime a dozen. He was unwilling to restructure, and he never made an effort to reach new head coach Ken Whisenhunt. So it is what it is, but CJ will be missed. The Jets will be getting a great player, but maybe not the best team leader, but who cares!

Just to remind you of how great CJ is, simply take a look at the NFL records he holds:

  • He is the only player in NFL history with a touchdown of 50 yards, 60 yards, and 80 yards, in one game. A 57-yard rush, a 69-yard reception, and a 91-yard rush. (week 2 vs Texans, 2009)
  • Most total scrimmage yards in one single season: 2,509 (2009)
  • He is the only player in NFL history with 6 TD runs of over 80 yards. No other player has more than three.
  • He is the only player in NFL history to run for 3 80-yard TD runs in a single season on more than one occasion (2009, 2012).
  • He became the first player in NFL history with six consecutive games of 125+ rushing yards and a 5.0+ yards per carry average in each of those games
  • In 2009, he became the first player in NFL history with at least 2,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in the same season.
  • With his three touchdown runs of 85 or more yards in 2009 (91, 89, 85), and one in 2012 (94), he is the only player in NFL history to register four career touchdown runs of 85 or more yards. No other player has more than two such career touchdown runs.
  • Johnson rushed for more than 100 yards in 12 consecutive games (10/18/09 – 9/12/10), which ranks second in NFL history (Barry Sanders, 14).


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Changes in the Music City

So I have been gone for awhile now, but my love for the Tennessee Titans has not left (I have no idea how). There have been many ups and downs recently but I love what team CEO Tommy Smith is doing with the team. Long time owner Bud Adams died this past year at the age of 90 so it was time for a fresh agenda of things to come in Nashville.

The first move the Titans made was a hard one, firing head coach and former hall of fame player Mike Munchak. It cannot be understated the how much Mike meant to the organization. He was with the organization as a player and then a coach since 1982. As a head coach (from 2011-2011) Munchak led the Titans to a record of 22-26, and it was apparent that he was a great position coach, but not a head coach. His loyalty will never be forgotten.

Besides not having much success as a head coach, Mike never really got along with the front office. One of the reasons he was canned was because the front office wanted six of his assistants fired, but he was too loyal to let them go. Thanks for all your years as a Titan and Oiler, and I wish you the best in Pittsburg, but it’s time to move on.

Now for the excitement! Who the hell was Tennessee going to sign as a head coach? Their offense has been dismal, and their defense has been atrocious. Many thought Ken Whisenhunt was the hottest coach on the market and it looked like he was on his way to Detroit, but somehow he came to the Titans.

Ken Whisenhunt looks poised to make some noise in Nashville.

Ken Whisenhunt looks poised to make some noise in Nashville.

Ken is known as a quarterback guru and has had success as a head coach in the NFL. He led the Arizona Cardinals to a Super Bowl with future hall of fame quarterback Kurt Warner. As a head coach he has a record of 45-51, and a 4-2 post season record. Last season he was the offensive coordinator for the Chargers, who ended up finishing 5th in total offense. Ken knows how to run an offense.

Ken Whisenhunt should be a tremendous help for Jake Locker to help get his career back on track after an injury plagued start. Whisenhunt should help Jake become a leader and hopefully be a mirror image of former Titan’s great Steve McNair.

Now, the defense has been a mess. There has been so much sloppy play and at times it looked like they would just give up. Whisenhunt brought in defensive coordinator Ray Horton to run the ship. Ray is known as a 3-4 technician with high powered attacking defenses in Arizona and Cleveland. His style will fit nice with the Titans and hopefully he can light a fire under their a**es. As a coach Ray has won two Super Bowls. I am excited to see what he can do with a talented group who has under performed.

Let’s hope this is a start to something great and get this team back on track. It has been a while since the Titans have had tasted success, but it looks like Tommy Smith has made some nice changes for a start. Keep it up Tommy, and go TITANS!

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Last Week

Going into week 13, the Tennessee Titans squared off against their division rivals the Jacksonville Jaguars. These two teams hate each other and I definitely am not a fan of them.  They last time the two teams faced each other, the Titans destroyed them 30-3 on Monday Night Football. Based on that fact I thought the Titans had a shot since back up quarterback Kerry Collins was back. However, I was wrong once again.

Let’s just say the Titans lost 6-17. It was terrible. The Jags ran it down their throats and the defense couldn’t stop anything. On the flip side, the Titans offense was terrible. How can a team only score 6 points in a game?

To make the matters worse, Kerry Collins had three turnovers and didn’t move the ball. He missed many open targets. The receivers had a few drops, but it wouldn’t have made a difference. The Titans at the moment SUCK!

How can you let a 5-2 start slip to a 5-7 record? Easy answer, the coaches are not doing their job, the players aren’t doing anything to help, and the ownership is not putting the foot on the pedal. This team needs lots of change and in my opinion it has to start with the coach.

When I was watching the game, an amazing stat flashed up. Vince Young as a starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans has a record of 30-17. Since 2008, anyone that has started besides Vince is 1-14! Yes 1-14! They need to get their shit straight get rid of Coach and let Vince comeback next year to prove all the doubters wrong. That can happen, Vince has seen many highs and many lows. If anyone knows how to comeback with a bang, it’s Vince.

The Titans have four remaining games and it would be nice to see a glimpse of hope for next year, but I think they will be lucky to even win one more game. It’s embarrassing and the team needs to do something to give fans hope. It was nice talking crap to other football fans after the 5-2 start, but now I can’t say a word!

Got to give props to the Chicago Bears, but got I hate the Bears! Every time the team is doing well everyone in this area goes nuts. They think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I have no room to talk. The only thing I got left to cheer for is for management to fire Fish’s ass and to hope that the Bears get kicked in the teeth!

Go Titans! And as a Cubs fan I guess I can say there is always next year! But that’s getting old!

Everything comes back to feeling like a Cubs fan!

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Week 12 …. No Vince

Finnigan and Johnson fighting!

So for week seven, the Tennessee Titans headed to their old home, Houston, to take on the struggling Houston Texans team. Going into it, I knew that this would be one terrible week and I didn’t know how I was going to sit through the game knowing how bad things would be.

Of course, rookie sixth round pick, Rusty Smith, started the game. That sentence right there pretty much explains how bad things were.

Rusty just started tossing up the rock and it seemed like he didn’t even look when he was throwing. His passes were so far off from his targets, and he almost completed more passes to the opposing team. It’s been almost two years since a Titans quarterback threw three interceptions, until Rusty stamped his name into the slot for the most recent time.

The Titans offense stalled all day and their all-pro running back Chris Johnson had only SEVEN carries! This is one of the best players in the NFL, how can a team possible win a game when he only gets the ball seven times? I have a feeling Coach Jeff Fisher is just trying to find his way out of time, because that’s just dumb.

The Titans defense once again stepped up like it always has to because of the offensive struggles. However, in the end, the Titans lost 20-0.

I was looking at the stats and I was so surprised. Somehow Rusty Smith got to throw the ball 31 times! How does he get to throw over 30 times and CJ only get seven carries? That makes a hell of a lot of sense to me, NOT!

The only exciting thing I got out of the game (I had to turn that off right after half time, otherwise they might make me hang myself) was the fight between the feisty cornerback Cortland Finnigan and Houston receiver Andre Johnson. Basically, these two guys have a history of bad blood and with the Titans getting pushed around, Cortland got a little fired up. The two guys pulled each others helmets off and started sluggin’! That’s the only entertainment from the game.

So the Titans extended their losing streak to four games and were at a 5-6 position. The Titans are not out of it by any stretch, but realistically, they aren’t going to win sh*t with what they have going on. It’s disappointing to see a team one game out of the playoff hunt show up and put a big goose egg on the scoreboard. However, it happened and it probably will happen again after seeing how they played against the Texans.

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Music City Madness!

Coach Jeff Fisher acting like the toolbag he is.

So as the previous post points out that Vince Young got screwed, it certainly seems that way. After the Titans disappointing loss to the Washington Redskins in overtime, things started to heat up between Coach Jeff Fisher, and quarterback Vince Young.

Apparently after Vince went out with the thumb injury, he tried everything he could to prove to the coach that he was good to go and he was desperate to get back into the game and help out his teammates. However, the coach never put him in, and instead left rookie quarterback Rusty Smith hung out to dry. Smith was so terrible and it seemed like if the Titans were going to win, they needed to get Rusty out of the game.

 The story goes that after the game Vince Young threw his shoulder pads in the stands along with his jersey. This didn’t help but piss Coach Fisher off even more. Minutes later at a press conference Fish (Coach Fisher) said that Vince has lost his starting job. I was so pissed. How the hell does he think they can win with a third string quarterback?

That’s just a start. Supposedly after the game the team met in the locker room and Fish talked to the team. When this happened him and Vince had a heated exchange and players had to separate the two. Vince then walked out the door and coach said, “You can’t walk out on your team like that.” Vince responded, “I’m not walking out on them, I’m walking out on you.”

This makes perfect since because the past four years, coach Fish has shown Vince no love, and showed that he has no confidence in his quarterback that has saved his a** his job 3 times!

Some players ran out trying to “cool” Vince down but Vince couldn’t take it anymore and left the stadium.

So Coach Jeff Fisher blew his chance with Vince and put him on injured reserve meaning he was done for the year. As a fan, I said sh*t seasons is over, and hopefully that means Fish will be gone too. Then the owner Bud Adams, who is a huge fan of Vince, said that the two would have to work things out and get along.

This means that Vince will be back next year! As far as Fish, I can care less what they do with that prick, he’s blew his chance and he f*cked up the season. I would love to see Vince work with another coach who cares and supports him. The numbers don’t lie, Vince is the fourth most winning quarterback (out of active players) in which games he started.  You simply cannot sit the man, he brings the only thing that counts, W’s. I do not see any way in which Rusty Smith can succeed.

To make things worse Vince later shot Fish a text apologizing but Fish said that’s not good enough for him, who cares. Cannot wait to watch Rusty Smith suck it up so Fish looks like a scumbag, and hopefully loses his job!

Go Titans! Too bad a 5-2 start went down the drain.

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The Randy Moss Saga Begins, Vince’s Ends?

Rusty Smith looking like a 12 year old ready to throw an interception against the ‘Skins.

So a 5-3 mark is a great way to start off the season and nice to go into the bye week tied for first place in the division. Usually, bye weeks are pretty boring and the players get a week off then the team resumes practice. However, as a Titan’s fan this was one hell of a bye week. The Minnesota Vikings put, future Hall Of Fame wide receiver, Randy Moss on waivers. This means that starting with the worst record team in the NFL, teams can put in a claim to get Moss, but would have to hope that he would drop to their pick.

Going into that week, the Titans had the 22nd position and put in a claim for Moss. Somehow he slipped all the way down and the Titans got Randy Moss! I was excited! The Titans had Kenny Britt and Moss on their receiving group, which could arguably be one of the best in the NFL. Somehow, things didn’t work out so smooth.

Week 9 came and the Titans were off to face the Miami Dolphins. Let’s just say nothing went good. Of course Kerry Collins had to start the game because Vince Young was “hurt,” I say bull sh*t. Kerry played horrible in the

first half and went out when an injury so that mean the “hurt” Vince had to come in. Vince came and looked fresh, he was scrambling all over and making great throws. However, the Titans lost to the Miami Dolphins, 29-17.

Randy Moss didn’t do much to help the effort, only catching one ball and had no scores. However, since he is such a high caliber player, the defense has to double team him and that opens up lanes for running back Chris Johnson to run all over the defense. CJ did exactly that having over 100 rushing yards on less than 20 carries and had a touchdown. I don’t get why Coach Fisher gives him the ball more, I actually don’t understand many things Fish does, but he’s the coach, I’m not.

So the Titans were now 5-4 and headed home to face off with the 4-5 Washington Redskins that just got destroyed by Michael Vick and the Eagles the previous week, giving up a whopping 59 points. There’s no way in hell the Titans would lose. However, things got as bad as they have gotten in 5 years.

The Titans ended up losing 19-16 in overtime, but that was the least of their worries. Quarterback Vince Young once again got banged up and benched when he hurt his thumb in the third quarter. The worst part is that their backup Kerry Collins was hurt so the Titans had to go to rookie third string qb Rusty Smith! How the hell do you think it’s possible to win a game with Rusty Smith. He came in and played like garbage, throwing deep every time and he turned the ball over on his second throw. The worst part was that Vince looked like he was ready to get back in the game, but Fish didn’t let him.

Things got so bad……. The next post will be an update on the drama in the Music City. Go Titans! Rusty Smith and Coach Fish can get the hell out of town!

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